"True North" Go Deeper Guide

Series Overview

Have you ever driven with someone and you know the right way to go and the other person going the wrong way, yet convinced they know better? Well, at some point someone is wrong, someone is right. We need a course correction towards truth. The real truth is loving truth. Join us as we look at Luke chapter 13 and begin the journey of TRUE NORTH!


Go Deeper Bible Study Guide

For each sermon series at Wellspring Church, we produce a custom self-guided Go Deeper Bible Study guide. Each day you'll have a section of verses to read with questions to help you unpack the truth of scripture.


Studying the Bible is absolutely necessary for you to develop your faith in Jesus. Download our Go Deeper Bible study guide and start going deeper in your faith!

Recommended books during this series


“Jesus Outside the Lines” by Scott Sauls
Escape the partisan arguments by choosing to take Jesus’ side! Sauls reminds us that Jesus simply doesn’t fit into any of the “boxes” we may create for ourselves-liberal or conservative, traditional or contemporary. Instead he offers us the freedom to love outside the lines.


“God Has a Name” by John Mark Comer

God Has a Name is a simple yet profound guide to understanding God in a new light--focusing on what God says about himself. This one shift has the potential to radically alter how you relate to God, not as a doctrine, but as a relational being who responds to you in an elastic, back-and-forth way. 

“Crash Course On Evangelism” by Dr. Bobby Conway
Having a plan can help you share Christ without stressing about saying the right thing or losing the relationship. In this course, Dr. Bobby Conway will guide you through the process.

“Loveology” by John Mark Comer With an autobiographical thread that turns a book into a story, pastor and speaker John Mark Comer shares about what is right in male/female relationships -- what God intended in the Garden. And about what is wrong -- the fallout in a post-Eden world.