Wednesdays // 6:30 - 8:30PM // Bayville NJ // Begins June 6th

Everything has a starting point—life, relationships, school, jobs. But sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well. 


By the time we’re older, most of us have made up our minds about faith. But the faith we form or inherit when we’re young doesn’t always stand up to the pressures of life. 


What if it were possible to explore faith freely and ask the questions we all have. What if it were possible to wipe the slate clean and work together to find a new starting point for faith? 


STARTING POINT is a 9-week life group where you can discuss the questions or concerns you have about faith. Beginning June 6th, Wellspring Church is launching a new YOUTH (Mid-High School) focused Starting Point group with Pastor Jason Coache in Bayville, New Jersey.



Well Youth at Wellspring Church

6th-12th Grades// Every Wednesday night at 6:30 - 8:30PM

Location: Wellspring Downtown, 17 Washington St, Toms River

Well Youth, as a part of Wellspring Church, exists to ignite a craving for Jesus (in the lives of teenagers in Toms River and the surrounding area) by relentlessly loving our community. 

Well Youth meets weekly at our Wellspring Downtown Location. We will also plan out monthly events where teens can have fun and get to know each other. 

Well Youth enables teens to grow personally and spiritually alongside their peers with the help of caring adults. 

All leaders are background and reference checked to ensure the safety of our teens. 

We look forward to meeting any and all parents and teens! Come check us out sometime or reach out to Well Youth Lead, Josh Raj with any questions you may have at

Check out our official Instagram @njwellyouth 

Interested? AWESOME! Register your teens by the link below... 

Well Youth Leadership

Josh Raj, Well Youth Lead


What Makes You Laugh?

I laugh a lot and it doesn't take much. Family, friends, funny movies, game night, memes, and the list could go on. Life on this earth is too short to be serious all of the time. 


What Makes You Cry?

Not much makes me cry, but child abuse definitely makes the list. Especially as a new father, it breaks my heart to know that people intentionally bring harm to their children.