Our 6th Birthday

I don't know what we envisioned would be the case 6 years in 6 years ago. I do know it's not this. Praise God. 


As I sit here in the morning reflecting on life and reading Acts 14 (highs and lows of ministry), I find myself thankful for the journey God has taken us on. There has been so much to celebrate over the last 6 years. Lives changed, thousands of dollars poured into the community and global church, survival stories, and so on. Friends have come and gone, and new friends have been made. Through it all God is faithful. 


Tonight we have a Monday night experience. I know of 4 or so families coming tonight simply because they couldn't yesterday. 


Yesterday elders prayed with a man after the first service. Pastor Graeme and I sat in the admin room when everyone left the building and smiled as we commented how mentally drained we were. Why? From having conversation after conversation. Good things can be draining things and that need not make them bad things. Praise God for the right kind of tired. 


While we had conversations, so many people were serving the church making it happen. Cupcakes, baked goods from the Ross family, people helping with set up, people helping with break down. So much that Graeme and I didn't need to do as we talked and prayed with people. Praise God for equipping the body. 


We had a parenting workshop on Saturday, and as Ava and I sat Sunday afternoon talking, she commented on one family that seemed "on fire" Sunday. Growing is motivating. 

We had worship led for us by friends from Bayside, the church that launched us. Praise God for the church at large. Ava connected with new friends through that. Friendship has been a battle in ministry, and yet Sunday she was refreshed. 


I sat and joked with the Wilson's after a long Sunday morning. We laughed. It was needed. It was good. 6 years in, we are still laughing. 


I took time to eat a meal after church and watch Parks and Rec by myself at a restaurant to rest my mind. It was great. 


We had homeless bags made up at the church with protein bars and hand warmers to welcome our new friends coming to church. 


And in the evening, Ava and I had dinner with friends from church and just laughed. Oh and we saw old friends from church and connected like "old times." 


I don't know what we envisioned for our 6th birthday, but I know it wasn't this. It was probably big, loud, and extreme. 


What was yesterday? What might tonight be? I don't know, but I know it's good and I'm thankful for it. 


Happy Birthday, Wellspring! I LOVE YOU as an outlet for loving my Jesus! 


Go make much of the name of Jesus. Soli Deo Gloria.


Pastor Jason Coache,

Lead Pastor of Wellspring Church