Meet the Leadership Team

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Jason & Ava Coache

Jason Coache

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jason (hence forth just Jason), is the former youth pastor of Bayside Chapel. During his time there he was asked to consider starting a church in Toms River. Since you are reading this, you can now fill in the blank with what eventually happened! 


Here is the nerdy stuff you may want to know about him: He graduated with his bachelors degree in Biblical Studies from Cairn University. He has a masters degree in Discipleship Ministries from Liberty Theological Seminary and is currently working on a second masters. 


Here is what you really need to know: Play him in any sport and he is going to find a way to win. He loves all his New England sports teams. If you're a hater, its probably just cause you're jealous. Fantasy football. He will crush you. 


He sounds real aggressive, he's not in actuality. He wicked loves his family and his job. Time with his wife is priceless. He loves showing kindness to his community. He's good with the occasional sappy movie (flash back to Save the Last Dance).

Graeme Wilson

Executive Pastor

Rebekah Pinkava

Well Kids Lead

Mindy Carvalho

Church & Worship Admin

Heather Vandenkooy

Community Kindness Action Lead

Laura Millan

Equip Lead

Brandon Raguz

Building & Maintaince Lead

Joe Monzo

Well Youth Lead

Kathy Boland

Bayville Coordin

Maddy Raguz

Mission Lead

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