"Non-Compete" Go Deeper Guide

Series Overview

You're out to dinner with your date. She's the love of your life. You've both been waiting for this night out. You sit, you gaze into her eyes and just then you realize the "big game" is on the TV behind you. Nothing wrong with watching a big game in and of itself. It's just wrong now. Why? When you agreed to dinner you proverbially agreed to a "non-compete clause." We've all been there. In this series, we want to look at the ways we do this on a regular basis with God. Through money, sex, and power, we draw our focus away from God. Let's be idol breakers. God deserves a non-compete. #idols 


Go Deeper Bible Study Guide

For each sermon series at Wellspring Church, we produce a custom self-guided Go Deeper Bible Study guide. Each day you'll have a section of verses to read with questions to help you unpack the truth of scripture.


Studying the Bible is absolutely necessary for you to develop your faith in Jesus. Download our Go Deeper Bible study guide and start going deeper in your faith!

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