Meet Sasha - Stories of God's Faithfulness

Before coming to Wellspring, Sasha was accustomed to handling life with her own strength. She lost both of her parents and two other people she had very close relationships with all before graduating from nursing school. She learned quickly how to take care of herself and not rely on anyone else for anything in her life. Growing up she had heard of Jesus and kind of knew a little bit about him, but she had never learned how to have a relationship with him, much less how to trust in him.


Sasha and her fiance Jeff decided they wanted to find a local church where they and their girls could learn more about Jesus. Though unsure of what to expect, they visited Wellspring and immediately decided that this was where they wanted to be. The Jesus that she heard about through the sermon and the worship music was the one that she wanted to get to know! It wasn’t long before the whole family was getting connected through joining life groups,  volunteering on ministry teams, and the young ones learning in Well Kids. Sasha is even living out our value to Pray for One by praying for her sister and inviting her to come to church!


When Wellspring sent an invitation to the church community to participate in a 21-day Daniel Fast and dive deeper into prayer together, Sasha thought she would join in and see how it went. She decided to focus her prayer time on her relationships, especially with Jeff and their girls. Through the three-week fast, she committed to the restricted diet despite the difficulty of giving up certain things that she really enjoyed, reading her Bible and praying both in her own personal time and corporately with others in weekly prayer times. She soon began to see changes in herself and in how she interacted with her loved ones. She became more patient and kind with them and felt more joyful in her day-to-day life. Even more, she saw evidence of Jesus working in her life and found ways that he was showing her that she could truly trust him to care for her and her family.


Today, Sasha is excited and grateful to know that she has a Savior that she can depend on and that she doesn’t have to be so strong on her own. She continues to see the fruit of the spirit in her life as she remains faithful and steady in her walk with Jesus.