I Know

I’m (Pastor Jason) in relentless pursuit of my community. I want people to know Jesus. I want those that know Jesus to grow in that knowledge. I want people to be shown kindness and allow that to open up conversation. The book of Romans talks about the kindness of the Lord leading to repentance. I know kindness will cause people to ask questions. It’s different. It’s uncommon. It forces people to ask “the why.” When they ask the why, (note they ask, we don’t force), we are able to say “God loves you and so do we.” There are no strings attached. No here’s a free meal but you have to sit and listen to me for 10 hours. No, we show you love with no strings attached to ultimately show you that Christ also loves you with no strings attached. Who you are and what you’ve done is never something we take into consideration when we show love. We show love because their is still breath in your lungs and you matter.


If we have shown love, there may be a willingness to hear and consider what we believe. Maybe you are reading this for that very reason. Here is what we feel every person with breath ought to consider. There are no strings attached. No do do do and then receive, consider this:


In John 3:16 it is said, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” In essence, you and I have messed up and are not perfect so we need a Savior. God loved you and I so much He sent His Son to die in our place.


His plan is to give you life through His son. Right now, most of mankind is separated from God. We have all sinned (Romans 3:23). We all fall short of God’s perfect standard. It’s true of all of us. So because we all have this common issue of imperfection, we have earned death both physically and spiritually (Romans 6:23). Our actions have earned us death, but God gifts us life through Jesus. A gift is not a gift if you have to do something for it! His Son is completely free to you and I!


You have done some crazy awful things and some not so ‘crazy’ sinful things. But what will you do now? God loved you so much that yes, while you were in your sin, living life according to your will, Christ died for you (Romans 5:8). His Son is still available to you! That’s love. Nothing you have done can change that Jesus still loves you and wants you.


Jesus died because you and I are sinful. Your sin doesn’t surprise God! He knows it all so He sent His Son! You can’t out sin the forgiveness God offers to you through Jesus!


So now what? Romans 10 offers two things to consider (Romans 10:9-13). First, call on the name of Jesus for forgiveness! Second, believe in your heart that Jesus died for you and that He rose from the grave. Confess with your mouth and believe with your heart!


Jesus is alive! Death has no power over Jesus. Guess what! Death doesn’t have to have any power over you. You can have life. Turn to Jesus in acceptance of His kindness and free gift. We believe it. It’s our honor to have shown you a glimpse of it through a simple free kind act.


We would love to have coffee (or hot chocolate, or tea, or whatever you’d like) with you and talk more about all of this. Shoot an email to info@wellspring.one and say “I WANT COFFEE!” We will make it happen!


Written by Jason Coache, Lead Pastor of Wellspring Church