Care Needs in Toms River

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At Wellspring Church, we have a passion for our community and aim to help others by relentlessly loving our community. We recognize the need and benefit of offering a resource guide to our community. To best care for the individuals within our community, we acknowledge that our church cannot always be the one to meet needs. We've crafted a downloadable document with local resources for your convenience. 


Resources Include But Not Limited To: 

- Christian Counseling Services

- Support and Recovery Groups

- Family Care

- Housing Assistance

- Food Banks


We Care.

Counseling Services


Dina Arce Restoration Biblical Counseling

Ph: 720-841-2235

Email: Click Here 

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Dr. Jeffrey Newenhouse

Please call Newenhouse Jeffrey PSY D at (732) 341-1553 to schedule an appointment in Toms River, NJ or to get more information.


Faithful Counseling

Professional mental health counseling from a Biblical perspective. Speak with a Christian licensed therapist online today!

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