LIFE GROUPS with Wellspring Church

Life Groups will be vital to the life of Wellspring Church. Life is better together. God uses relationships to strengthen the church & our lives individually. The purpose of these groups is to wrestle with the truth we hear on Sunday’s throughout the week. Additionally, these will be groups that go out into the community participating in their own Community Kindness Activities (CKAs).

Where you see “childcare Co-op” this means a babysitter will be present & all parents are responsible to help pay for the sitter. 


Starting Point // 7pm // Toms River, Capone's Pizza *begins 9/11


Starting Point // 7pm // Bayville, Coache Home *begins 9/12

Starting Point // 6:30pm // Toms River, Apa Home, Child Co-Op *begins 9/26

Life Group // 7pm // Barnegat, Langworthy Home *begins 10/3
Led by: Wheels Langworthy


Ladies Life Group // 9:30am // Toms River, Cafe Enigma

Ladies Life Group // 6:30pm // Toms River, Panera Bread *Beginning Oct 4th

Led By: Mary Trainor


Life Group // 6:30pm // Bayville, Engroff Home, Child Co-Op

Life Group // 6:45pm // Toms River, Lopes Home


Men's Life Group // 8:30am // Toms River, Cafe Enigma

Ladies Life Group//  8am // Bayville, Berkeley Diner

For more information email Pastor Jason at