The Vision

Mission Statement:

"We Exist to Ignite a Craving for Jesus by Relentlessly Loving our Community"

In 2012, Bayside Chapel cast a vision to plant churches along the Garden State Parkway in Ocean County. We are the first church of this vision. 

We have a vision to reach people for Jesus Christ. Our heart is to relentlessly love our community in hopes of igniting a craving for Jesus Christ. We've done this and we will continue to do this in practical ways. We serve a loving God so His people better be loving. Yup, pretty simple; be kind to people as we proclaim the name of our Jesus! 

Our values reflect this desire. We want to keep things simple as we formulate uncommon relationships. We want to reach people no one else is reaching. The gospel is all-inclusive so we better reach everyone! That is an endless mission. This will require our people to be generous as we are generous to our community. Our environments are captivating to be welcoming and excellent in what we do. 

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