Thank You

So you made it! You received our postcard and you are visiting this site. Once again, thank you! This has been an incredible year. Moments like these are fun because we get to take a second to brag on God.


As of November, we have been a church for 8 months. The time has flown by as we have continually experienced God’s graciousness. God is using people like you to make life change possible. When you give, lives are changed! On this page are stories of real lives that have been changed over the past 8 months.

In addition to these stories we thought we would take a moment to look back on what God has made possible this year. As you read these highlights know they are not possible by a single person, they are not possible by a single volunteer, they are only possible through God and His work through the church collectively. As we look back over the last year, here is where we pause to say “WOW GOD!”

  • 400+ Bibles have been given out
  • 100+ people have experienced Salvation
  • 40+ people have been baptized
  • 750+ Community Service Hours were poured into Toms River during Relentless Love Week, as we relentlessly loved our community
  • $12,000+ worth of diapers were given away to people in need
  • $6,600 worth of gas was given away to
  • 500 backpacks given away to students at our school location
  • 600 people in attendance on launch Sunday
  • 30% of our church is in a Life Group
  • 125 people serving routinely
  • 45 people have gone through Starting Point, our new believers group
  • 3,000+ God Loves You Cards were given out during our local Halloween Parade in conjunction with free water, glow sticks and backpacks.
  • Our local and global missionaries are experiencing salvations

Do you know what’s crazy about this? The list above doesn’t even scratch the surface. We do two community service projects each month. We are living out our mission to ignite a craving for JESUS by relentlessly loving our community.


We want to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. At our current Hooper location we are limited to one service time, Sundays at 10AM. To launch a Thursday Night Service and allow Youth Group to grow we are renting space throughout the week in our Downtown location. Why? This is an avenue to reach more people and make Jesus famous.

Our upcoming Christmas series, A Whoville Christmas, is designed to bring in the dechurched and unchurched. We want to look at the individuals within the Christmas story and apply concepts from their lives to our lives today. Then, we are opening the New Year with a series entitled “Binged.” We surveyed the community asking “Why do you hate God?”. We collected their responses and formulated a seven week series that will address the top seven responses. From a Biblical perspective we will answer the questions and address the thoughts that so many have regarding Christianity. We are VERY prayerful that through this series God will allow us to reach people that no one else is reaching.


During the months of January and February we are unable to meet at our Sunday location, which has forced us to be creative. It’s not easy moving a church of around 300 people. We can’t meet just anywhere. Instead, we will be renting space from a local comedy club. Our prayer is that these two months would go so well that we would be able to consider permanently relocating to this space. This move would give us the ability to offer multiple service times to reach more people for Jesus. God is on the move. He is moving powerfully through this ministry. We don’t see a lot of transfer growth (people leaving a current church to attend our church), instead, we are noticing tons of dechurched and unchurched people coming through our doors and we LOVE IT! Next year has many unknowns when we consider our location, but this we know- GOD IS FAITHFUL. He uses people like you to continually prove that to us.

Your support helps us attack the mission. Your support changes lives, literally. Thank you. Should God place it on your heart to continue attacking this mission as we head into the new year, you may do so by the link below.

Thank you for your PARTNERSHIP in ministry!

Pastor Jason