Wellspring Church in Toms River

Sunday Experiences at 9AM & 11AM

Location: 36 Washington Street, Downtown Toms River 08753

First Time?

What Can You Expect?


  • To meet some seriously genuine, loving volunteers with a passion for our community
  • safe and captivating environment for your kids to learn about Jesus. Learn more by clicking here
  • An energetic full band experience
  • A relevent message from Pastor Jason Coache, who will likely be wearing jeans and his favorite t-shirt. You can listen to past sermons by clicking here
  • About an hour long experience like you’ve never had before.
  • Coffee from Cafe Engima
  • FREE t-shirt for any first-time guest! 


Are you a Christian Church?
Where are you located?
What do you have for my kids?
Do you ask for money?
What should I wear?
I've Stalked You On Social Media, Should I Come?

Where Should I Park?

We're glad you asked. We have two main parking lots on Sunday morning and additional handicap and special needs parking. Follow signs and our parking volunteers will help direct you.

First time visit? Awesome. We special VIP parking for you as well. 

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"We Exist to Ignite a Craving for Jesus by Relentlessly

Loving our Community"