40 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Starting January 2, 2018 we're calling on anyone who is passionate about the calling and mission of Wellspring Church to pray and fast for the next 40 days. We are going into an incredible few months. New location possibilities. The Binged Series is gaining momentum. We will have three service times. We are experiencing solid growth. We need Jesus more than ever for wisdom on how to move forward. As a church, we need to go before Jesus TOGETHER. 

Why are we fasting? First, consider what Andrew Murray says about fasting;

"Prayer is reaching out after the unseen; fasting is letting go of all that is seen and temporal. Fasting helps express, deepen, and confirm the resolution that we are ready to sacrifice anything, even ourselves to attain what we seek for the kingdom of God."

Partnering with You,

Pastor Jason, Lead Pastor of Wellspring Church

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Here are some options: 


The Food Fast: This is a complete fast from food. Water is still part of daily life. This is what we most often see in the pages of Scripture. A liquid only diet for a set period of time.


The ‘Daniel’ Fast: Daniel was not necessarily fasting, he was just maintaining a strict diet to honor God. However, he did set a great model in that a strict diet can open up more time to pray. So this may mean that you remove certain foods from your diet. Maybe you eat only fruits and vegetables. Maybe you give up coffee. Maybe you only do health shakes. Another variation of the total food fast, is fasting a specific meal or a specific time frame each day. (I.E. no breakfast or lunch to pray, or no eating from 8AM-5PM, etc.)


The Non Food Fast: Not eating food may not be an option for you. So think through your day to day, what sucks up your time? For one day you need to fast from television, your phone, social media, etc. What can you fast from to give your life needed balance while you dedicate time for prayer?

40 Prayer Requests

  1. Strength for Wellspring as we seek God over the next 40 days through prayer and fasting.
  2. For our Binged series.
  3. Pray for salvation.
  4. Pray for growth as we seek to reach more people.
  5. Pray for Spiritual growth of Wellspring.
  6. Pray for the well youth ministry and Josh Raj.
  7. Pray for the worship ministry and Carly Voinski.
  8. Pray for the Well Kids ministry and Jillian Goodhew.
  9. Pray for the preaching of God’s words.
  10. Pray for Pastor Jason and family.
  11. Pray for wisdom of the leadership.
  12. Pray for our CKA efforts.
  13. Pray for strengthen finances
  14. Pray for financial wisdom for the Executive Team.
  15. Pray for our future elders, whomever they might be that God would prepare them now.
  16. Pray for our volunteers.
  17. Pray for wisdom on moving forward after our time at Capone’s in Jan./ Feb.
  18. Pray for Mary Trainer’s Life Group.
  19. Pray for Courtney Del Rosario’s Starting Point
  20. Pray for the Goodhew Life Group.
  21. Pray for Carly Voinski’s Life Group.
  22. Pray for Laura Millan’s Life Group.
  23. Pray for John Jenning’s Life Group.
  24. Pray for the Wilson Life Group.
  25. Pray for our starting point groups.
  26. Pray for our Easter experiences.
  27. Pray for our Couch to 5K series (covering a portion of Luke).
  28. Pray for the relationship with the school.
  29. Pray for the relationship with Capones.
  30. Pray Eph. 1:15-23 over Wellspring.
  31. Pray for strengthen marriages.
  32. Pray for contentment in singleness.
  33. Pray for more volunteers.
  34. Pray for more people to join our life groups.
  35. Pray for a greater awareness of God’s leading.
  36. Pray for a desire to seek Endless Growth, daily growing to be more like Jesus.
  37. Pray for God’s fame throughout Toms River.
  38. Pray for Toms River officials.
  39. Pray for Toms River first responders (police, fire, EMTs)
  40. Pray for our the pursuit of our mission statement; We exisit to ignite a craving for Jesus by relentlessly loving our community.