Deeper Studies

Sunday morning's sermons are a great way to introduce a topic or scriptures to us. But they are just the start! Digging deeper studies are just that...we go beyond the surface into a richer understanding on a variety of topics and scriptures. There are so many great Christian writers, teachers and other pastors that help us grow more like Jesus. With each sermon series there are links to materials to individually incorporate that into our daily devotions as well as formal groups covering different studies.

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    The Win

    There are so many!

    1. Understanding the Who, When and Why In the Bible 

    2. How Can We Apply Scripture to Our Daily Lives

    3. Dealing With Sin, Attitudes and Learning to Live In Christian Community

    4. How to Communicate the Gospel Effectively

    5. Challenging Complacency

    6. Knowing and Understanding Who God Is

    7. Finding Our Identity In Jesus and What that Fully Means

    Why Join A Deeper Study?

    How can we grow if we don't know! We encourage growth in all these areas: spiritual, emotional, relational and intellectual. In a group setting we learn, encourage and pray for one another. In our personal time, ask a friend or two to join you in going through a recommended book or study app together.  It helps to know we know we are not alone in this journey of faith!

    What Deeper Studies Are Available?

    New deeper studies will be posted soon...

    Click the link below for individual suggested weekly sermon series materials and other media resources to go deeper!