Do you ever feel like you’re being a “good Christian housewife (or husband because you know…it’s 2018) and humble yourself by posting on Facebook “If you ever need someone to pray for you come on over the coffee pot is always on” but you secretly hate pop-ins and you just don’t have time for other people? Yeah, I’ve been there too. More often than I’d like to admit. Even just now as I’m writing this I thought “Graeme might be doing Starting Point tonight alone because I need to finish writing this” and BAM…conviction sets in; because God calls us to love people like Jesus loves people (John 15:12) regardless of how tired we are….regardless if we ran out of coffee.

"God calls us to love people like Jesus loves people regardless of how tired we are…"

The last few months I feel like I have been non stop; out almost every night, making plans weeks in advance, going to church from 7am until we shut the lights off, life group, meetings, work, family emergencies, etc. Because of this I have become mentally, emotionally and physically drained. My nights went from communicating with my “ones”, bible journaling or going out with the hubster and friends to just wanting to watch Parks and Rec and eat tacos on my big comfy couch (true story). Maybe you’re in the same situation. Maybe all of a sudden you find yourself consumed in your own life and the people around you are suffering and the last thing you want is another person that needs your attention. How can we pray for people, love on, show compassion to and share with the Lord’s people and practice hospitality (Romans 12:13) if were so drained ourselves?

If we look into Philippians 2: 1-18, Jesus gives us examples of what we should be doing if we call ourselves Christians and strive for endless growth: Don’t be selfish or deceitful, humble yourself, put others needs in front of your own, be obedient to God, don’t complain if you’re genuinely helping someone and hold onto God’s truth.

"I’m not the only one struggling with trying to serve people when you have nothing to give."

Everyone needs to take a minute and regroup sometimes. Life gets away from us, we’re not perfect. I’m not telling you to drop everything, invite your neighbor over and shove all the dirty laundry in your closet real fast (you’ve done this, don’t lie). What’s helped me is getting back in my devotions, and having an accountability partner. Doing this has helped me regularly get into God’s word, reach back out to my “one” in a bigger way than I’ve done in the past, and it’s showed me that I’m not the only one struggling with trying to serve people when you have nothing to give. Jesus is massively in love with you, and massively in love with the person who is struggling to whom you just said “I don’t have time for you”. I have been told that countless times. It stings, even worse when it’s coming from someone you’re supposed to trust. Let’s follow the example of Jesus and make time to serve Him by serving others.

Written by Heather Wilson,

Guest Experience Volunteer

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